Friday Five: The Things We Do For Love

Songbird writes:

I have a friend who, when she has to be away from her child, goes to the trouble of planning a present for each of the days they will be apart. (This is not one of those stories where “a friend” means the person who is telling the story.) I’m impressed by her organizational skills and her creativity and her thoughtfulness.

She does these things for love.

And although love looks different depending on how we best express it, there are definitely things we do for love. So for today’s Friday Five, please share the following five things:

1) Something you did for love that was a hit

Pretty much everything I do for my niece & nephew is for love and a hit because they think I’m awesome. The most common thing I do for them is send them or bring them clothes. They absolutely love it. Here’s a couple of pictures of them posing:

2) Something you did for love that was more of a miss

Can’t think of anything off the top of my head, but I’m sure it’s happened.

3) Something someone did for love of you

I have been given many great things and opportunities because I am so loved. I have such a great circle of friends and family who do loving things for me all the time. My mom sent me a gift card as a house-warming present. A friend is taking me to Spain. Yes. That Spain. Another friend is giving me a bicycle so I can get ready for Spain. I’ve had youth give me books they signed for me. Churches help with financial difficulties in times of crunch. It’s been an amazing ride.

4) Something you *wish* someone would do for love of you

Be a sugar daddy so I could spend my time volunteering, traveling and shopping. Not very enlightened, I know, but at this time of year, it’s an appealing thought. 🙂

5) Something you’ve done for love of God

I have relented on plans to take revenge (nothing major, but still – when I get mad, I get mad), gone to seminary, dedicated myself to the church, moved out of my comfort zone, listened, obeyed, argued, and surrendered.



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