Light Bulb Moment

I’m a bit of a fixer. When faced with a challenge, my brain goes into high gear and looks for solutions and I want to fix whatever is going on. Many time this manifests itself when people or organizations have opportunities to do new things, help people, roll out a program, whatever, and I want desperately to offer my services. I am learning to quiet the voice(s) in my head that would say, “I can TOTALLY do/fix/take care of/run that!” I know in my head that my over-eager jumping in can deprive other people of exercising & developing their own gifts & abilities, so I have been doing much better with recognizing my limitations and giving other people a chance to show their stuff.

There’s an element of self-care here as well, because my tendency is to chastise myself for my quick hand-raising. “Stop doing that! Let other people have a chance!” However, the other day as I was driving in the car, something dawned on me – I like the fact that I’m the type of person who likes helping people. That’s a good thing. I like the way my brain works. I like that I am good at figuring out solutions. Rather than yell at me for jumping up, I’m telling me that my desire to help is a good thing. I do need to keep it in check because giving other people a chance and respecting my own work load is necessary. The great thing here is that I’ve been able to flip the way I see this, not as a weakness, but a strength that’s gone a little bit overboard, so I can rein it in and get to a more balanced place without all the yelling.

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