Getting a New Couch

I posted a few weeks ago about going back to therapy. I went to one woman who seemed nice enough but I wasn’t really feeling it.  Her approach was, “if you know your belief about x is irrational, why do you still believe it?” Um…well…kinda why I wanted to talk to you.

I am debating about going through the motions of finding a new therapist but as I sit here and think through why I would need to go in the first place, I think it’s probably worth it. I have some ideas about myself and my life that are not helpful. I can’t seem to get rid of them on my own. Yes, I’m doing fine. I’m crazy happy in the new apartment, work is going very well, and the church stuff is stellar. All fine, but I think that’s creating a smoke screen of pseudo-happy for me to avoid some deeper stuff I need to deal with. Damnit. Fine. I’ll find a new therapist.


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