For the past few months I have felt compelled to pray for two specific personal miracles: housing & career. I’m going to skip the typical qualifiers – “I know it sounds selfish, but…” I believe in praying for myself. Deal with it. If any of you are familiar with the housing market in San Francisco, it is insane. Recession or no, places go quickly and for way more than anyone should be paying. Since I moved back to San Francisco 7 or so years ago, I’ve always had a roommate because solo places aren’t super affordable, and the space was nice.

A couple of weeks ago, my roommate announced that she was moving out & the landlord was moving in. Nothing precipitated this, just a change of life. No big deal. So, the housing hunt began. I’ve lived in my current place for 4 years, like the neighborhood, not sure where I was going to go. I looked at City Church, craigslist, asked friends, the works. Last Sunday, I looked at 2 places that I could afford. One was way too small and one was PERFECT. Of course the perfect one was less $, near transport & church and exactly what I wanted, even more perfect, and it’s MINE. No SHARING! You know how I hate to share.

I emailed the landlord of the new place all the information she wanted, and heard nothing. I knew this place would be in demand and so I was on it like a bulldog on a bone, which is what I do when I want something. I mean, I’ve been envisioning furniture configurations, football watching, Christmas decorating, cooking, lounging. I emailed every day for updates, letting her know how interested I was. She wanted someone in August 1st. Look at your calendar. That’s soon.

Not only did was I praying for this in earnest, but I had friends and family speaking a word on my behalf as well. My mom kept asking, sending me encouraging emails, friends checking in. On Wednesday, as I was praying, I believe I heard God ask me, “So, is this just your place, or is it my place, too?” Oh snap, God. Way to lay it out there. Yes, God, if you give me this place, it is also yours. It isn’t big, but you can have it and use it for whatever you want. I think it’s close to my church for a reason. As we’re in a transition time w/o out a pastor, I’m stepping up a bit more, and working on becoming a Commissioned Lay Pastor, which means a whole big thing for Presbyterians. Anyway, I think the proximity to church means something.

So, I got the email late last night that I can come by on Saturday evening after church and drop off the deposit. Wow. It starts. I couldn’t sleep. I was up until 4am doing change of addresses online for all kinds of things – bank, netflix, magazines, etc. This morning I posted stuff to sell on craigslist, got quotes from movers, scheduled a Salvation Army donation pick-up. I’m moving next Saturday. Egads.

The second miracle: I really want to move back to the corporate office at work. I’m working on some special projects over there, but I know the fact of the situation is that head count is scarce and it will take, yes, a miracle, for me to get over there into the role I want. I’m still praying for it, and if you’re still reading this, I’d ask you to pray as well.

But who knows? I just got a crazy cheap, newly remodeled studio in San Francisco. Anything can happen.


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