Today I was at work plowing through my to-do list and had the ipod on shuffle and was confronted with a song I haven’t heard or thought about in years. It’s not going to be anything anyone has heard of because it’s from a band that no longer exists that I used to sing with (those two things are unrelated). The song is called “Forgettable” from everybodyduck’s album entitled “8 Seconds on a Holy Cow.” The song stopped me in my tracks because as I’ve been preparing for my next sermon, I’ve been fighting the tendency to project my own ideas and agenda onto the scriptures I’m examining for the week rather than letting them speak for themselves through the Spirit. I knew that at that moment I needed to confess that and take seriously the responsibility that I have speaking God’s word to God’s people. Yeah, I’m only doing it a few times to fill in and yeah, regardless of what I do or say, God can do something good with it, but I’d prefer to have pure motives at the outset and say what God wants me to say and not get in the way of that. Here are the lyrics:

Forgettable by Darin McWatters

Every day of my life pride and I fight a war
God supplies me a little but I grab for more
Tempted by popularity, glory and gold
Place myself in the spotlight, and shove God out the door

But the strongest desire of my heart is to die
And no longer preach one thing and then live a lie
I must humbly submit my will daily to Christ
Turn the spotlight away and make this my heart’s cry

When I pass through may my name be forgot
May the words that I spoke be as though I had not
I will plan every step so in all that I do
Jesus, none would see me
But see through me to you

Standing right in the front I attempt to display
How God’s wisely picked me to speak for Him here today
Yet self-appointed to be the Spirit to you
Though the Lord may be speaking, my pride’s in the way

In the call to preach boldly so many are stuck
Taking stand after stand and not learning to duck
And fall flat on our faces so Jesus can save
If he wasn’t God, he would roll in his grave

No one else in my life is to blame
When my selfish desire is found courting with fame
To be quickly forgotten’s my aim
One nameless servant to that unforgettable Name
Jesus who came