Friday Five: Summertime

Dorcas writes:

So, what’s up, Rev Gals and Pals?  How are you spending your summer?  (I know, some of you are in a different hemisphere and it may be chilly…sorry!)  Are you experiencing fire or floods or tornados?  Vacationing?  Working harder than ever?  Experiencing change?  Longing for change?

Share five things that are happening in your life, personally or professionally or some of each, in this season of life.

1. Churching

After a couple of years of limited involvement, I am finding myself more in a leadership role at church. We are currently between pastors so until we get us a Designated (you Presby geeks will understand that – I have no idea what all this is) I’m helping step in and do some leading. I have really enjoyed using my atrophied homiletic muscles and putting together some sermons. Hopefully it’s going ok. I’ve been posting my thoughts here, so if you all have any input, please share.

2. Budgeting

I’m on top of personal finances in a big way, so I’ve been watching the pennies, spending less, saving more, all with some fun travel goals in mind for fall & spring.

3. Slumping

I have to be honest, I tend to do a bit of an emotional slump in the summers. No idea why. I’ve just now identified it as a pattern. Not sure why – could be the dreary summer weather that is so typical of SF, or the fact that I just need a vacation. Hoping that the upcoming travel plans and some other opportunities will bring more of an upward swing.

4. Reading

I’m doing a little more reading these days, and loving some fun fiction and great writing. Just recently finished Clara and Mr. Tiffany and am now on to The Weed that Strings the Hangman’s Bag. Next up, A Red Herring Without Mustard, New York, the Novel, The Murderer’s Daughters, Bossypants, and Secret Daughter.

5. Donating

Not going to lie – have become a little addicted to watching Hoarders on Netflix. This is prompting me to purge, so I’m going through my bi-annual ritual of paring down the wardrobe. If I haven’t worn it in 6 months to a year, it’s out. Also trying to go through some books and donate them as well. Tough, but I can do it!

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