Friday Five: Summer Reruns

Songbird writes:

It’s that time of year when the only new things on television are music/dance competitions (the 21st century answer to variety shows?). Yes, it’s the season of reruns.

This week the clock turned back to last fall and the Glee kids went back to school and still got “slushied,” and Michael hired his nephew on The Office, which was not something even he would be likely to repeat.

In honor of this annual Time Warp, please share five things worth a repeat. These could be books, movies, CDs, recipes, vacations, or even TV shows

1. Weeds

One of the most witty TV shows on right now. Yes, it’s completely inappropriate on many levels, but so funny! And well acted. Mary Louise Parker is so brilliant. The whole cast is, really. It’s such good TV. It’s streaming on Netflix, so I watch it over & over.

2. The Secret Garden & A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett

I first read these books when I was 9 and I still love it. I love the contrast of the two main characters, one sour & lonely, the other gracious & popular. Both experience great tragedy and both are changed by it. I can read them over and over and still get something out of them.

3. My cleaning movies.

I’ve got certain movies that I like to put on and watch while I do work around the house. There’s no real link to them, just that I love them. They are: Kissing Jessica Stein, Legally Blonde, Beauty & The Beast (Disney), The Sound of Music, Something New, and Shining Through. I know. Random. Whatever – it’s my list.

4. Glee Soundtracks

I work in the fashion industry, I’m surrounded by gay guys in their 20’s. Enough said.

5. Morning routines

I have a little routine I like to do in the mornings that gets me going. I program the coffee the night before so I’m ready to go. Then when I get up, after the teeth brushing, I get my fave mug (even though I have many) and fill it up w/ coffee. I add 1/2 & 1/2 & brown sugar, and I must get the formula just right. Then I crawl back in bed, check email, facebook, & then read the daily office. Then I get ready for work. It’s a little me-time at the beginning of the day.

7 thoughts on “Friday Five: Summer Reruns

  1. And there’s more I forgot – Clueless, An American President, Dodgeball, Anastasia, Circle of Friends.

  2. So totally agree about the Burnett books. My first intro to “The Secret Garden” was having it read aloud by an elementary school teacher each day after lunch. I could never get tired of them, either!

  3. I love the idea of cleaning movies. I have cleaning podcasts, but maybe movies would be even more fun! Also, any morning routine that involves getting back in bed is a winner in my opinion. 🙂 Great play!

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