All Work & No Play

Over the past few weeks I’ve felt more & more run down & exhausted. Ive considered that this is due to the strenuous nature of my job & the passing of time but as I recall I was this tired last year at this time. The difference is, last year I went to Hawaii for a week. Wasn’t that smart this year. So, I took a mini-vacation of sorts last week to relax & care for myself. Not just care as in get more sleep, but to actually be nice to myself. I’ve been counting calories like a Nazi (because thats what they were all about, right?) and working out 4-5 times a week. I think normal people can probably do that but lately I’ve become one tired fibromyalgia-sufferer.

Here’s the thing, I don’t really discuss the wonder that is fibromyalgia all that much because it just is my reality. However, because it is my reality, I have to pay attention to the limits of my body because it will just shut down if I am not nice to it and I will just have no choice but to lie down for a couple of days.

On the calorie counting thing, I’m working on my relationship to food and have decided to take some time off the counting, mainly because I have been using it as a torture device rather than a way to help me become more healthy. See? Not nice.

So last week I was nice. And it worked. I have felt much better this week. I’ve eased back into the gym 3 times. I haven’t counted but I’ve watched. The Girl Scout cookies are officially out of the house. I’m not buying sugary treats, but I’m not avoiding them, and if I have one, no shame spiral.


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