In Other News

I’ve been working out a lot lately & yesterday I worked out & got a massage & I am really freaking sore. I found out that Spencer, my favorite masseuse at Burke Williams is leaving at the end of the month so I quickly booked with him again so I could take advantage. But I’m sore. So I gave myself permission to rest this morning & not bust out early & exercise. I start a 6 day stretch today and my shift is 10-7 so this morning I have read, relaxed, enjoyed my coffee & now I’ll hop in the shower & get ready for work. Tomorrow I’m thinking of getting up & doing a walk in the park for my exercise. Suck on that, blizzard people! (Kidding – hope you’re all ok!)

Things are going amazingly well in my career right now. Seriously. I can’t really share a ton publicly but it really is great. I’m working on what we call a “stretch assignment” where I work a few hours a week in Learning & Development & I’ll also be owning & facilitating the Intro to Strengths program. Since my goal is to be in Learning & Development & work as often as possible as a facilitator, you can imagine how exciting this is to me. There are logistics to work out but we’re making it happen. It’s very exciting.

Things are changing once again in church with people moving, leadership adjustments, etc. and I’m once again evaluating my role there. I’m committed to being there and I maintain it’s the only church I can see myself being part of. Had a meeting about it last night and things are evolving.

Off to work – enjoy your day!


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