Quotable Babies

I went home a couple of weeks ago to do Christmas w/ the family. I’m told that Ian was counting down every day to January 8th because when I got there he was vibrating with excitement & declaring that, “It’s January 8th already!” I suppose I shouldn’t call them babies because Ian is 4 and Chloe is incredibly turning seven (SEVEN) in February. I keep asking them to stop growing but they flatly refuse and respond impatiently that the can’t control it. Whatever.

Their little personalities are so fun & so different. It’s easy to project what I remember about myself & my brother on them, but I don’t know what Lisa & her brothers were like when they were little & I’m sure there’s a lot of them in there as well. Chloe is really asserting her independence & it’s coming out as a lot of snottiness toward her mom which I TOTALLY did. She’s really sweet at her core, though, so I’m sure this is a phase, because she doesn’t get away with it and when she’s away from her mom all she can do is talk about how much she misses her mom. She’s in a Girl Scout troupe & last year she played soccer. She has very strong opinions about things, which she always has. Very specific, this child. Par example:

Chloe: My friend likes Justin Bieber. I have no idea why. He sings like a girl. My Poppy said he has won awards. For what? Singing like a girl? (this was expressed with great exasperation)

Chloe: I like tattoos. I want to get one. I think they’re cool.

Me: What kind of tattoo do you want?

Chloe: I want a flower on my ankle.

Me: I doubt your dad would be ok with that. My dad still won’t let me get a tattoo & I’m 38.

Chloe: Why do they hate tattoos? What is wrong with them? (the dads, not tattoos)

Chloe: When I turn 8 I can get my ears pierced. I want flower earrings with gold petals and a silver center.

See what I mean? Specific.

Another thing she has mastered is the quick wit of the “your mom” come-back. For example:

Chloe: That’s weird

Me: You’re weird.

Chloe: Your mom’s weird.

When my mom was around she would switch to “your brother.”

Ian is coming into a more social awareness & is less pushy with other kids & learning how to behave with strangers. He’s super cuddly & so smart it freaks me out. He’s basically figured out how to read & can easily add & subtract numbers in his head, up to & over 100. He’s four.

Me: Ok, our number is 83. They just called 75. How many until our number is called?

Ian: 8. (with maybe a 5 second pause)

In a discussion of old v. grown up:

Me: How do you know if someone is old?

Ian: Because they have to hold a stick.

He loves to say “Seriously?” and “Really?” in very sarcastic tones. One day after hitting his head a number of times, he said, “Seriously? Not my favorite,” which is a quote from some cartoon, but he clearly knew when to use it, which is brilliant.

My favorite thing was when we were opening presents & he would gasp in wonder at a gift before he opened it, like the very idea of having a gift with his name on it was so amazing that he might faint when the actual gift is revealed. So super cute.

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