Advent Reflections: Love

Love Actually is one of my favorite modern Christmas movies. In fact, it’s one of the only modern Christmas movies I can stomach, except Elf. I’m more of an original Miracle on 34th Street (NOT COLORIZED, American Movie Classics!!!) and It’s a Wonderful Life kind of girl. Love Actually covers the subject of love in a holiday setting from the sublime to the ridiculous. We have Colin who believes he’s been cursed by geography & heads to America because surely he’ll have better luck with women there. You have Daniel, the recently-widowed step-father of Sam who is experiencing first love at 11. Long-time married couple Harry & Karen whose marriage is in jeopardy because of his whore-like secretary. Sara, with her unrequited passion for Carl, and Jack & Judy whose unconventional on-the-job romance is innocent & endearing. Some of the relationships are neatly resolved, some are not. All of the characters are searching for love’s meaning, but only a few of them find it.

One of the most popular scenes of the film is at the beginning when at the end of a wedding the best man surprises the happy couple with a performance of The Beatles’ All You Need is Love. I wish that were true, or at least I wish it were as simple as it sounds.

Advent is coming to a close and we are getting ready to celebrate God With Us. Since the Bible also tells us that God is Love, then that means that Love is With Us. It is a constant struggle for me to allow myself to be loved on all levels, although I have made great strides. Being loved is being known and that comes with it the possibility of all kinds of joys and sorrows. I want this year to have more love in it, whatever that means. I want to look at love from all sides & see what it really means.


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