Friday Five: What Lifts You Up?

My colleague, an Italian, just walked by my door singing, “Jingle Bell Rock.” At the end of each line, he punctuated it with a clap!

“Jingle bell, Jingle bell, Jingle Bell rock (*clap!*)”

I’m not sure he knows any more of the song than that, but he sure does sound happy. 🙂

Another colleague and friend, who has been away from our workplace for several months, has returned on a part-time basis. She danced into my room this morning with a big, “HEEEEY!” and hugged me.

I love having people and things in my life that lift me up. This morning started out with icky things running through my head: I’ve been sick, I feel like a zombie; my husband’s been sick; all the world’s news seems to be bad, Christmas is coming and my proverbial goose is not nearly fat! and work deadlines are looming. And yet, and yet.

These two friends have brought a smile to my face today. My spirits are lifted.

So, for today’s Friday Five: What lifts you up when you are low or troubled? Who helps you remember that you are not alone, it’s getting better all the time, etc.?

Your five responses can be people you know, people you DON’T know, music, places, foods, scripture, surprises, something you do for someone else. It could be a pair of slippers. It could be a glass of water.

Bonus: Do you like the song “Jingle Bell Rock?” If you do, who do you prefer to hear sing it? Bobby Helms, Brenda Lee, Mean Girls, Stephanie Smith, Chubby Checker, Billy Gilman, Brian Setzer, Hilary Duff, Thousand Foot Krutch (I am not making this up), oh, there are so many more! I am currently partial to my friend Marco.

1. My Mom. Cheesy, I know, but we’re quite close. We like to online shoe shop together over the phone & whenever anything happens, good or bad, she’s the one I call.

2. My Christmas playlist. I’m getting a lot of crap at work for my Christmas music, but they can kiss my grits. I love my Christmas music & I intend to listen to it until the 26th.

3. New shoes. Today arrived some gorgeous gray booties w/ a high heel & a ruffle around the back & my How The Grinch Stole Christmas Converse. Seriously adorbs. Can’t wait to wear them to work tomorrow!

4. The babies. Through the miracle of modern technology I can use the Face Time from my phone to their computer @ home & we can play & chat & sing & make faces from miles away. They are totally hilarious.

5. Good food. I live in the restaurant haven of the US & we love us some good cooking & I love trying new restaurants & great food w/ good friends.

Jingle Bell Rock – it’s ok. Not a fave.

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