Pack Your Bags Friday Five

Songbird writes:

I’m preparing to pack my bags for the Big Event Three, and as I gather what I need I’m thinking about just that: what do I *need* to take with me? As a person who likes to pack light, I worry that in the end I may underpack and wish I had other things with me.  I own the gigantor version of the bag to the right, but my morbid fear of having it go astray and not get to the ship means I’m more likely to try to pack it all in a carry-on bag instead, especially since I have a very tight connection on the way to the cruise. But won’t I be sorry if I don’t bring _______________?

With that in mind, here are five questions about packing to go on a trip.

1) Some fold, some roll and some simply fling into the bag. What’s your technique for packing clothes?

I’m a roller – what’s more, I roll in outfits. It works for me because I’m an over-packer who needs options.

2) The tight regulations about carrying liquids on planes makes packing complicated. What might we find in your quart-size bag? Ever lose a liquid that was too big?

I refuse to play the liquid reindeer games, so I just check everything. I have a whole big thing about how that policy is merely a reaction to one incident. Would-be terrorists will now figure out something else and then we’ll all react to that. It’s ridiculous.

3) What’s something you can’t imagine leaving at home?

My skin and hair products. OMG. The thought of that just gives me the heebies. I’m an Aveda girl and you can’t just get that anywhere, and I don’t want to have to buy all new just for a trip. Also, makeup. Same story.

4) Do you have a bag with wheels?

Um, duh. I wasn’t raised by wolves. 🙂 Yeah, I have a great set of luggage that the parents got me for Christmas this year. Love it.

5) What’s your favorite reading material for a non-driving trip (plane, train, bus, ship)?

I really like fiction audiobooks. That way I can lay back, close my eyes, and let the story go on. It’s bliss.


2 thoughts on “Pack Your Bags Friday Five

  1. I don’t think I’ve visited here before, but already find myself comfortable. Me, I’m an Aveda girl too. Love it. When we visited Charlotte I splurged on some Chakra V. But I’m always searching for the scent that closest to the “Calming Body Wash.” It’s not quite to be found though.

    Liquid Reindeer Games–it took a few moments, but I really love that. I don’t play either.

  2. I’m inclined to check things, too, but when the layover is less than an hour at a big airport, I don’t have good luck with my bags joining me at the other end.

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