Friday Five: Redo, Refresh, Restore

Songbird writes:

We’re in the thick of it in church life as we approach the end of Lent. Palm Sunday and Holy Week await. In the midst of this busy-ness, I undertook a little redecorating here at RevGalBlogPals and found a new template for us.

It’s the sort of task I like in the middle of chaos, a chance to redo something, to refresh the way I feel, to restore some sense of order.

Please share with us five ways you redo or refresh or restore your body, your space, your blog, anything in your life that needs perking up this week.

Starting today, I’m working six long days in a row, but I have next Thursday & Friday off and I’m keeping my eyes on the prize. I’ve planned the two days off to be refreshing and restorative for myself, so here are my plans to restore.

1. Sleep. I’m going to catch some extra z’s this week to make sure the body doesn’t rebel. It’s a delicate balance, but so far so good.

2. Spiritual Direction. I’ve not met with Maggie in a few months because my schedule hasn’t allowed it but my first call was to her. I’ll get myself realigned and we’ll be good to go.

3. Facial. I also haven’t seen Ms. Cynthia in a while and I need this face taken care of. She does a fabulous 90-minute European facial, lash & eyebrow tint, eyebrow shaping, all facial waxing, hand & foot massage for the very reasonable price of $100. And she’s fabulous to boot. All my local friends need to call her TODAY because she’s awesome.

4. Church. I’m going to a Maundy Thursday service and TWO Good Friday services, to get my Jesus on during Holy Week. This Lent has been more of a Lent Lite for me, but it’s still been significant and I’m looking forward to closing out this season with some good worship.

5. Gym. I’ve crossed over from going to the gym because I’m supposed to to really loving it. I’m going to get in some workout time this week for sure. Love it.

4 thoughts on “Friday Five: Redo, Refresh, Restore

  1. Love the new look! The colors are aMAZing. I just want to plunge in and swim through them to my heart’s delight. More importantly, however, is that you’ve got a great play going on here. Power to you! And I love your tweet messages. I don’t tweet, but I appreciate pithy wit and wisdom. You rock!

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