Baby Pics

Just wanted to put up a couple of my favorite photos of the babies from Chloe’s birthday. She turned six on Tuesday and it was quite the extravaganza. Home Slice had FOUR different parties, because she’s so popular, you know. When I asked her what she was doing for her party she told me, “I’m having a Hello Kitty party and I have a wish list on Toys ‘r’ Us dot com.” I see.

Here she and my mom are making cupcakes for her party. Doesn’t she look so grown up?

One night at bedtime she told my mom that she wanted a grown up Bible with the Old Testament and the New Testament, so my mom got that as one of her gifts. Here she’s expressing her excitement over the fact that there are no pictures. She’s a big girl now.

I love this one of Ian because he’s making such a ridiculous face. Totally cracks me up. Also, please take note of how stretched out the collar of his shirt is. That’s because, let’s face it, the boy has a huge head. It’s not super disproportionate to the rest of his body, and he’ll grow into it, but seriously. It’s a big head.

This is my favorite photo of my mom & Chloe because they’re sharing a moment in the midst of a lot of birthday party chaos. Chloe & Gee have a special bond that is really important to both of them. They’re best friends and love to spend time together. I didn’t have that type of relationship with either grandma because one was far away and the other was crazy. I’m glad Chloe gets that with my mom and I thought this photo represented that well.


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