Oscar Ceremony

NPH was fantastic, although not a “surprise”.

Opening monologue: great. Irreverent but not over-the-top.

Steve Martin quips that Christolph from Inglorious Basterds has found the mother lode of Jews & they cut to the Cohen brothers. Really?

Who doesn’t love Sandra Bullock? Well, tonight we might find out.

Penelope Cruz’s dress is beautiful but it’s more like a less fabulous version of Vera Farmiga’s.

Best Supporting Actor – Christolph Waltz for Inglorious Basterds. I’m glad for him, but I was pulling for Christopher Plummer.

Ryan Reynolds is now presenting The Blind Side. I loved the movie, but I don’t see it as Oscar material.

The Jimmy Kimmel commercial w/ Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner was awesome.

Nominated animated film segment was cute. Up winning was predictable but not warranted. Sorry. It was good but the other ones were better.

Glad they did away w/ performing original songs. Looks like the beginning of a good night for crazy heart. Did T Bone get cut off or did he not want to talk?

Sometimes when they feature one of the Best Picture nominees, it makes me want to see it. Not so with District 9.

RDJ & Tina Fey seem like a brilliant combo. It is. “It’s a collaboration between handsome, gifted people and sickly little mole people.”

Winner for original screenplay: Mark Boal for the Hurt Locker.

Winner for best adapted screenplay: Precious. Duh.

OMG Molly Ringwold. Nice dress, but she looks terrified. Don’t love the bangs. John Hughes tribute – beautiful & moving. Every generation has a filmmaker & I’m so glad he’s mine. Ally Sheedy’s dress makes her look like she’s at a Star Trek-themed prom.

Do not get the double nomination of Up. There. I said it. Do. Not. Get.

Short films, documentaries, etc. I like the short film intro. Very interesting. So far I’m liking this year’s ceremony better than last year’s.

Logorama producer was adorable & funny.

What just happened. The chick just ran up to the stage & cut off the director of Music by Prudence & then got played off.

Ben Stiller did not just come out dressed like an Avatar creature. Love him. Star Trek wins. Another duh. Seemed the most involved but also a popularity contest.

Inexplicable cut to Morgan Freeman during Precious writer’s acceptance speech. Did they run out of black people?

Is the wall of lampshades a nod to Robin Williams’ alcohol-soaked past?

Best supporting actress. I’m pretty sure it will be Mo’Nique. Yep. It’s Mo’Nique. She was super classy.

Art direction award goes to Avatar. Meh.

Fashion design. They cut to Keanu Reeves during the clothes whorses joke & he clearly didn’t get it. The oscar goes to The Young Victoria. Third costume Oscar for this woman & she can’t find a bra.

Steve Martin & Alec Baldwin are tearing it up.

Twilight actors. Whatever. Kristen Stewart sounded like a frightened 10 year old speeding through her lines in the school play.

Tribute to horror films. Fast forward.

Morgan Freeman narrating sound editing & mixing. Totally guessing Avatar. Wow. Hurt Locker. Good for Kathryn. I’m on the side of anyone who survived marriage to James Cameron.

Did I mention that Elizabeth Banks looks amazing? She’s funny, too.

Cinematography. Predicting Avatar. Correct. Suzy Amis hasn’t eaten in years, I’m convinced.

Demi Moore. O.M.G. Looks amazing. Love the dress. Love. It. Introducing the In Memorium segment, which is my favorite. James Taylor is doing In My Life. Awesome.

Best original score. I vote for Fantastic Mr. Fox but it will probably be Avatar or Up. Loving the dancing. If there has to be a dance number it should be like this. Very Adam Shankman. Up wins.

Avatar wins visual effects. Duh.

Surprised that The Cove beat Food, Inc. Documentarians the world over must be on the edge of their seats!

The Hurt Locker is cleaning up! That editor chick is freaking scary. Big blond hair & horrible goth getup.

Still don’t get the lampshades.

Foreign language film. Argentina. Alrighty. They all look good but I have to be in a certain mood to read a film.

Time for Best Actor. They’re doing the This Is Your Life thing with the nominees. Why didn’t Maggie Gyllenhaal introduce Jeff Bridges? Does Michelle Pfiffer have a movie coming out? I love that Morgan Freeman hasn’t had his teeth fixed. Kate Winslet’s dress is putting me to sleep. Very disappointing after the stunner she wore to the BAFTAs. Jeff Bridges wins! Wish I’d put some money down. He is so The Dude. And he is abiding.

Best Actress. Please don’t let Sandra Bullock win. I want it to be Helen Mirren or Carey Mulligan. It might be the Precious girl. Sean Penn makes no sense. I can’t believe Sandra Bullock won. I’m outraged. Maybe not outraged. More like perturbed. Irked. It’s irksome. It was a good speech though.

Barbra. I’m speechless. Like butter. If she presents to the first woman to win it would be the very definition of irony. There it is. Kathryn Bigelow. Suck on that, King of the World. No the orchestra did not play her off with “I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar”

Now for best picture. Wow there was no easing in to that one, Tom. Just ripped the band-aid right off. The Hurt Locker. Kathryn looks like she’s going to be sick.

That’s the show, folks. I give it a solid 2 thumbs up.


2 thoughts on “Oscar Ceremony

  1. I was very confused by the who-was-introducing-whom of the Best Actor/Actress in Leading Roles. But I like it. And I LOVE that Kathryn Bigelow and The Hurt Locker won… over her ex husband and his ridiculously expensive movie. Poetic justice!

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