How Tiffy Got Her Groove Back

I’m in Hawaii. That’s right. Hawaii. It was a rather quick decision to come and stay with a dear friend from seminary and relax for a bit. I had sort of hit a wall of exhaustion and it was time for a break. So, I hopped a plane and headed over to the Hilo side of the Big Island and have been relaxing for almost 3 days now.

Here’s a small testament to how exhausted I was. I sat down on the plane and apparently fell into a deep sleep. How deep, you ask? When I awoke, I thought to myself, “We must really be delayed. I can’t believe we haven’t taken off yet.” Then I realized it was two hours later and I had SLEPT THROUGH THE TAXI & TAKEOFF. I have never done that before. I’m not going to lie, I’m assuming there was some snoring b/c my mouth was a wee bit dry when I woke up. Ah well. I’ll never see those people again.

My friend’s home is AMAZING. Her mother was born and raised here and the family owns a large parcel of land on a cliff overlooking the ocean. Need I say more? I have a great room with a spa shower, there are multiple porches with those swinging chair things, and general gorgeousness. I arrived on Sunday amidst an unseasonable rain storm and we listened to the rain and chatted and enjoyed catching up. On Monday I took it as a day to relax before I started with activities. I slept, watched Brothers & Sisters, worked out and strolled about the grounds. That afternoon/evening, we went to the volcano. Majestic doesn’t do it justices. Apparently there’s a new island being formed as we speak but it won’t become visible for another 10,000 years, which is a bummer.

Today I explored the area on my own. I love driving/walking around new areas and seeing what’s out there. I drove along the coast, enjoyed a lovely lunch of seared ahi on mixed greens and did some tanning. Tonight for dinner we enjoyed a dinner of various kinds of poke (raw fish mixed with different sauces/seasonings) and sweet Hawaiian bread. Tomorrow I’m hitting the farmer’s market and downtown and start to pick up a few souvenirs for friends. Thursday we plan to spend the day in Kona.

This has been a truly fabulous vacation so far. I’ve decided that I really enjoy this small, private home or b&b lodging rather than a hotel w/ lots of tourists. I am loving the relaxed atmosphere, the pace, the freedom. I’m telling you, my company needs to open a store here and I’m completely on board to train the people.

The last few months have been stressful and I’ve barely had time to process all the change but I feel like I’ve turned the corner in a lot of ways. I’ve let go of much of what has been holding me back emotionally and I have a great sense of peace about past situations. I finally feel like I’m not the new girl at work and I’m part of the team. I got voted February Leader of the Month by my peers, which is very sweet. I’m really getting into my role there and excited about the possibilities there. I’ll post some Hawaii pictures when I get home. It’s been great!


2 thoughts on “How Tiffy Got Her Groove Back

  1. Ahhh! You strolled the grounds?! 😉 That sounds wonderful though, I’m so glad you’re loving it. 🙂

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