Keep Your Distance

I’m a person who loves LOVES space. Lots of space. I have serious personal space issues and close-talkers get warned. I step back a few times and when they edge closer, I tell them that I need them to move back. When people stand really close to me in line at the grocery store, I adjust my posture and turn sideways so they take the hint and when they don’t I ask them to step back. I need space. Maybe there’s a deeper meaning to this, maybe not. I am certainly not into free disclosure. I do not share personal stuff easily. I am the queen of boundaries when it comes to emotional intimacy.

I need gym distance, too. I’m a member of the MOST AWESOME GYM EVER and they have a location close to my work, but I choose the location near my old office where I know everyone and where it’s not super crowded. I tried a pilates class at the closer location and, no lie, everyone’s mats were maybe MAYBE 4 inches apart. No bueno. I was totally uncomfortable. Good class, liked the instructor, but dude. I need space.

Another space place for me is the beach. Don’t you hate it when you’re at the beach, there’s a lot of open sand available and someone comes and camps out not 2 feet away? What is that about? Beach distance, people!

The movies. You’re in the movies, it’s not crowded (when it is, I’m not bothered by this, for some reason), and people come and sit right next to you or right in front of you. REALLY?

I need space. I’m just saying.


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