Friday Five: Staving off the Gloom

Sally writes:

Candlemass is past, and Christmas is well and truly over, here in the UK February looks set to be its usual grey and cold self.  Signs of spring are yet to emerge; if like me you long for them perhaps you need ways to get through these long dark days.  So lets share a few tips for a cold and rainy/ snowy day….

Introductory thoughts: Where I live, it’s not all that gloomy. It could be the pharmaceuticals, but I’m pretty happy most of the time. We’ve had the rain lately, but fortunately I don’t have to deal with life-altering weather all that often. Things have started to bloom here and I come from a place where it’s even less rain and spring has already sprung. That said, here’s my play for today.

1. Exercise, what do you do if you can’t face getting out into the cold and damp?

I’m a regular gym-goer b/c I need physical activity to keep my mood up and to help wear me out b/c I have sleep issues. There are times when I can’t be motivated, though, and those times I tell myself I’ll do something at home and then I watch a lot of TV. When the weather is nicer, I take advantage of my proximity to Golden Gate Park and do a nice long walk in the botanical gardens.

2. Food; time to comfort eat, or time to prepare your body for the coming spring/summer?

As an emotional eater, it’s always time to comfort eat. I’m trying to find recipes that warm & comfort but also are low in calories & prepare me for warmer weather. I’m a huge fan of Cooking Light and Weight Watchers recipe collections.

3. Brainpower; do you like me need to stave off depression, if so how do you do it?

My brain is always going. It’s the most exercised muscle (besides my tongue) that I have. When I’m trying to stave off difficult emotions I rely heavily on the “T” of my INTJ Meyers-Briggs to talk myself down from the ledge. I am fortunate to be of the disposition to be able a big-picture thinker and see all sides of an issue. It really helps when I need to get through difficulties or conflicts.

4. How about a story that lifts your spirits, is there a book or film that you return to to stave off the gloom?

All the films I love to watch center on strong women who’ve made it through difficult circumstances and come out on top. My go-to classics are Out of Africa, Funny Girl & Sound of Music. When I need some brain candy, it’s Kissing Jessica Stein or Legally Blonde.

5. Looking forward, do you have a favourite spring flower/ is there something that says spring is here more than anything else?

I don’t know anything about nature, but my birth month flower is the sweet pea, and I do love those. I’m just a HUGE fan of flowers in general. As previously mentioned, I love walking through the park and seeing all the unique floral expressions in nature. Can’t wait for all of them to come bursting forth!

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