PAT answers & HUME-an Error

First, let me get this out of the way:

Dear Pat Robertson,

You are an absolute IDIOT. You join Glenn Beck in the pantheon of what I like to call “unhinged buffoons.” There are few words in the English language that describe how truly awful you are and how bad your theology is.

Love in Christ,

Auntie Tiffy

Ok, now for the meat of what I have to say:

A week or two ago the world spun into a tizzy about Brit Hume’s comments that Christianity was superior to Buddhism on the issue of redemption and if only Tiger Woods would turn to Jesus, all his problems would be solved. Yes, Brit. That’s how it works. Just turn to Jesus and NOTHING WILL EVER GO WRONG AGAIN. First, I think it was an abuse of Brit’s position to endorse one religion over another in his role as an anchor on the air. If he wants to say that in public on his own time, that’s one thing. He’s totally free and entitled to believe that and say that as a civilian. Second, it totally pissed me off that in the days following his statements, he did a series of interviews claiming to be so brave to mention Jesus and his faith because Christians are so persecuted these days. Oh shut the hell up. Have you ever watched a sporting event of any time? Kurt Warner mentioning God could be a drinking game, let alone all the other ones who give God the glory when they win (but are conspicuously silent on the issue of religion when they lose.) Third, if he had proclaimed any other religion, ESPECIALLY Islam, as superior, he would be standing in the middle of a SHITSTORM of controversy, entirely from the religious right. There are many professional athletes and none of them mention their devotion to Allah when they win a game. You know why? I’m guessing it wouldn’t set well in the fly over states.

Here’s what’s going on – Christians are no longer the dominant force on the world’s religious stage. They no longer get to use their historic seat of power to oppress, subvert, subdue and manipulate. They have to act like EVERYONE ELSE, and try to get along and it’s KILLING THEM. (I’m speaking in the third person b/c I do not consider myself one of these kinds of Christians). You are not, in fact, losing you’re religious liberty, it’s just that everyone else is finally getting theirs. So, Brit, and all you other Christians who think you’re not free to talk about Jesus. Shut up. You’re going to be just fine.

Now, on to Pat.

Oh, Pat. Pat, Pat, Pat. What are we going to do with you? Pact with the devil to overthrow the French? Really? You don’t need a pact with the devil to overthrow the French, you just need to get up before noon. Where do you get this crap and what makes you think you need to say it on television? Does it mean that poor people are poor b/c they have made a pact with the devil? So then Mississippi & South Carolina made a pact with the devil at some point but New York and Massachusetts are fine?

If I could also point out the connected history between the US & Haiti. I’m guessing Pat wasn’t aware that Haiti is the second nation in the Western Hemisphere to gain their independence, after the US. Haiti’s drawn out revolution against the French made Napoleon think it was a good idea to sell the Louisana Territory to the US for $0.13 an acre. That’s THIRTEEN CENTS. We doubled the size of our country b/c they fought and beat the French. That would make us pretty endebted to the devil as well. Pat’s never been one to feel restrained by logic or reason, or apparently, US History. Well done.

These pictures of Christianity that have been presented in the public square are at least embarrassing and at worst damaging and off-putting. Many of these more pugnacious evangelical types will claim in their defense that Jesus was offensive so they can be too. Jesus did say things that ticked people off, but he was also someone with whom children felt very comfortable. He also was most compassionate to the poor and most hostile to the religious élite. The most irritating part of all this is that Pat & Brit assume they speak for all Christians and they most certainly do not. They’re so busy patting themselves on the back for their ” boldness” (which is actually jackassery) that they can’t see the consequences of their statements. I can only speak for myself and my faith journey and I wish others would do the same.


One thought on “PAT answers & HUME-an Error

  1. Amen!! It offends me as a Christian that Pat Robertson is recognized by ANYONE as an example of my faith. He most certainly is NOT.

    Great blog. I found you through @kristenrudd’s tweet. Looking forward to future rants and ruminations! 🙂

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