It’s been a decade?

Ok, so as the year was drawing to a close, I completely spaced that we were also closing out a decade. I distinctly remember the close of 1979 and the big deal everyone was making over it. When I wondered out loud what all the fuss was about, my elementary school arch-nemesis Kim Siebert replied, “It’s the beginning of a new decade,” with characteristic disdain. So here I am again at the end of yet another decade. AZ said that at my next big decade birthday in 2 years I should get myself a big diamond. I’d rather take a big trip, but what the hell – I wouldn’t hate a big diamond either.

So what have I done for the last 10 years? Here’s what I can remember:

1. I have lived this entire decade in San Francisco. I moved here in 1998 and I practically can call myself a native. I love it and as I’ve said before, I think people who live anywhere else must be in some sense kidding.

2. I graduated from Seminary. It was a curious experience, in both positive and negative ways. The best part about it still is the relationships I have made and kept. The relationships that have not been maintained hurt at the time they were broken but in the end I’m glad they were severed because they were unhealthy to say the least.

3. I lived through one of the most toxic cesspool of ministry situations I ever care to and have come out better for it. It was a valuable learning experience but I still shudder when I think of it. Yikes.

4. I got to go work for the best company on the planet and I absolutely love my job. I can’t wait to see where it takes me.

5. I’ve been in spiritual direction for the better part of the decade and I know for certain I couldn’t have lived without it.

6. I became an aunt twice over and Chloe & Ian are the light of my life. Tonight they were completely into me and we had the best time playing, wrestling, singing, opening gifts, cooking, and coloring. My world is so much better with them in it.

7. I have moved a number of times and I hope I don’t move in this year. I like where I live and moving sucks.

8. I travelled to England, Ireland and Kenya. I hope for much more international travel in the near future, but those were the big excursions this decade and I was bitten by the travel bug for sure.

9. I have visited friends all over the US. We have such a fascinating country and I’ve seen almost all of the states now. This year I hope to do an east coast swing in May or so to visit folks in NY, PA, MD & DC.

10. I attended my first NFL game. I saw the Raiders play the Cowboys in Oakland. I would love to see the Cowboys in their new stadium in the next year or two and I have a couple of friends in the Dallas area and could possibly make that happen. We’ll see. Attending the Super Bowl is definitely on my bucket list.

11.  I bought a piece of jewelry at the mother ship in Manhattan. I want another one. Maybe for my birthday.

12. I started blogging. For me it’s a place to get my thoughts out of my head so I don’t rant to everyone around me. If no one ever read this, I’d be fine with it, but thanks for listening to those who do.

For my next entry, I’m working on a list of things that I’ve not yet done but would like to do in the next decade.

One thought on “It’s been a decade?

  1. I love this post so much. You are awesome, and I love reading your blog. This has inspired me to maybe do my own decade blog.

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