Why I’m Glad I Didn’t Go Home For Christmas

Before my mom reads this and starts crying, let me preface it by saying that there’s no way I could have enjoyed my Christmas here if there wasn’t family time on the horizon. If listening to the babies open gifts over the phone was going to be my only family connection, it would have sucked big time. However, since I’ll be home in less than a week for a belated Christmas celebration I was able to enjoy the last two days off work and have my own holiday down time.

1. I’m beyond thrilled that I’m not going to be traveling at the high point of holiday traffic. I can avoid the worst of the lines and crowds and just go home like it’s a regular time of year.

2. I worked seven days straight up to Christmas Eve. Had I then had to get on a plane and go home and pretend to be merry and bright I would have collapsed. It was great to have some recovery time to do what I wanted and get some sleep. I’m also housesitting in some sweet digs and have been able to exercise every day, which is helping my mood and sleep,.

3. I can do my shopping later. I’ve got an extra week to get in on sales and to stock up on the presents.

4. I got to see two great movies w/ a good friend who needed an excuse to not go to other people’s houses for Christmas. We both received kind but most likely pity invitations to other people’s Christmas gatherings, which is sweet, but never anything other than awkward. This way, we had plans, plans that were what we wanted to do, and enjoyed the day because of it. I made us blueberry muffins and bacon for brunch and then we went to two movies – Up in the Air and Sherlock Holmes. I’ll probably write a few reflections on Up in the Air later. Sherlock was just brain candy. It was a do-what-we-want day and it was perfect.

5. I get to extend the Christmas spirit a little longer. That’s always fun.

6. I get more time w/ the babies since I don’t have to share them for holiday events. Perfect.

I fly home on New Year’s Day and I will be there for  a long weekend to soak up some warmth and family love. It’s going to be a great extended Christmas for me this year and I couldn’t ask for a better way to wrap up an eventful year.


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