Friday Five: Crush

Songbird writes:

In high school I had a crush on my Chorus teacher. He was a young guy, and he had gone to college with some cousins of mine, and over the summer between 9th and 10th grade, we ran into each other at a series of pre-wedding parties, and I feel DEEPLY in like.


1) Did you ever have a crush on a teacher?
I did not. My first high school choir teacher was a mildly pervy dude and the second one was a chick (with whom I’m still friends). Most of my middle and high school teachers were older married folk and not the objects of crushes in general. Not that they weren’t wonderful people. I just was never a teacher crush person.

2) Who was your first crush?
When I was in first grade I had a MASSIVE crush on Shane Bauer, a sixth grader. I’ve always been into the older men.

3) Have you ever given a gift to a crush?
I have not. Typically when I have a crush on someone I’m too afraid to go near them.

4) Do you have a celebrity crush? (Around my house we call them TV boyfriends and girlfriends…)
I have several. Simon Baker, John Cusack, and Josh Holloway come to mind.

5) Have you ever been surprised to find yourself the crushee?
I am always surprised to find myself the crushee b/c I’m completely oblivious and it just doesn’t occur to me. I usually find out years later after the person has married someone else and I never had any idea, despite others saying there had been obvious signs. I seriously need it spelled out for me like I’m 2. “I LIKE YOU. LET’S GO GET SOMETHING TO EAT.”

3 thoughts on “Friday Five: Crush

  1. “I like you. Let’s go get something to eat.” might be my new favorite pickup line. I think that’s an awesome suggestion.

    And that fear that you mentioned in #4? That seems like a gift– one that keeps you from doing ridiculous embarrassing things.

  2. ha! You have me beat. I was the first grader who had a massive crush on a fifth grader. Thought he was old. But you crushed on a sixth grader?! wow.

    Now I like younger guys 🙂

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