Thanksgiving 2009

This year I have so much to be thankful for, it’s ridiculous.  Things were already really good, but now I have this new job and it’s all coming together. It’s kicking my butt for sure and I’m going to be climbing up a steep learning curve for a while, but it’s a really good gig. I have great co-workers and it’s a job that fits my passions and gives me energy. Most of my friends have commented on how much happier and lighter I seem. This is not to say that I was unhappy before. I’m just happiER.

I did Thanksgiving with the family a couple of weeks ago, and I honestly feel like it’s happened and that I’m not missing anything. Today is a welcome day off and I’m enjoying some of my favorite things. I slept in, did a bunch of cleaning & laundry, had pumpkin pancakes w/ bacon for brunch, watched the Cowboys game, and am ordering Indian food w/ friends while we watch Elf later. It’s pretty much the best day everr


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