Friday Five: What’s New?

Songbird writes:

There’s a new baby on my street, a double PK whose Mom and Dad are Methodist pastors and church planters. I’m hoping to go over and meet her today. I love new babies, the way they smell and their sweet little fingers and toes. Little K has me thinking about all the new things that please us with their shiny freshness.

Please share with us five things you like *especially* when they are new.

1. JOBS!! Well, not always, but I have a new one that I’m starting on the 18th and I’m very excited about it. I’m in that place where I’ve got a whole lot of emotion about it, some good, some anxious, sad about leaving friends, etc., but it’s a great opportunity and I know it’s going to be a great change for me.

2. Shoes. Everyone knows that I love me some shoes and I have to say I haven’t gotten any in a while so I’m due. The new job requires me to work on the holidays, so I’m going to visit the fam in January and you can bet that Mom and I are going to be hitting some sales for sure!

3. Books. I love books in their extreme ages – really old and really new. Really old ones have a story and I’m always fascinated by where it might have been, who might have read it, what the stains on the pages are from. Really new ones are smooth, crisp and full of possibility.

4. Kitchen Gadgets. Self-explanatory.

5. Sweaters in fall. I love the feel of a new, soft, warm fall sweater, before it’s been over-washed, before it pills, just that first new softness. Scrumptous.


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