So…what do you do for fun?

Last weekend I was getting a facial by the fabulous Cynthia and she told me that her therapist asked her what she did for fun and she had no answer. She remembered that she had enjoyed riding horses when she was younger, so she has started riding a few hours a week and it’s changed her life.

I have things I do for relaxation, fulfillment and therapy, but fun? I have to think about this one. I have a number of things that I enjoy doing and I do whichever one of those I want to do in the moment, like cooking, reading, shopping, watching movies, walking in the park, going to museums or the beach, and playing piano. Most of those things fall into the relaxation/fulfillment/therapy categories.  I also enjoy volunteering. Does that count as fun? I have fun doing it, especially volunteering for Dress for Success. Love it. I also really love preaching – all of it. The preparation, study, and delivery. Very fulfilling.

For the first time in a while I only have one job. Over the last few weeks I’ve just started to enjoy that. Before, any down time I had would be used for crashing. Recuperating, but not actually refueling. Now, I’m actually doing things on my weekends. It’s a revelation. I’m not exhausted, I’m seeing my friends more, and taking advantage of the fabulous city in which I live.  I also have more energy to be more pastoral in my job. I’m developing relationships there and helping to mentor a new girl. I feel more myself than I have in a while.

UPDATE: After some discussion today w/ my friend Heather I recalled that one of the things I loved to do as a child was to roller skate. The quad skates, none of this in-line business. So, I’m going to purchase some skates and cruise around the park since we’re entering the time of year of our best weather. Stay tuned!


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