Dream a little dream of…WTF?

Ok, so lately I’ve had odd, vivid dreams. A few have been political, a few personal and a few just downright odd. I shall put them out to the blogging universe and see where they land.

I believe that the political ones come from my abject frustration with the Republican’s mob mentality regarding the health care issue. I’ll write more on this later. The first dream was about my family. They are very conservative and it’s fine and we just don’t discuss most things political. But in this particular dream I was trying to convince my father that it’s not ok for a group of Nazis to join in with a mainstream Republican protest. The protest almost took the form on the opening ceremonies of the Olympics, with each group parading around what looked like a track, and one of the groups were Nazis and everyone seemed to think that was ok, except me.

The second political dream was that I busted in on Rush Limbaugh’s radio show and started screaming that he was a horrible person and was lying to the American people. My protest was live on the air and because of it, I got to be a guest on the Rachel Maddow Show. That pretty much just seems like a case of wishful thinking. Since I’m a devoted viewer of her show, I’m assuming that this is where all the political dreams come from in the first place.

Last night I dreamed that my building at work was surrounded by boats and they were retrieving airplane wreckage from the bay. There were at least 10 intact airplanes that were being pulled up out of the water. Somehow the planes were lifted up and then flown out. They were flying freakishly near our building and one of them actually hit the building and broke a bunch of windows but we didn’t feel much of a shake. Then I met up with friends later and was trying to explain all this wierdness to me and they were all acting like it was perfectly normal for 10 intact airplanes to be pulled up out of the bay.

No idea what’s going on with that one. Just putting it out there and seeing what comes back.


One thought on “Dream a little dream of…WTF?

  1. Ha! These are awesome. I’m pulling for an appearance on the Rachel Maddow show, even though I have no idea who she is.

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