We all know that I’m way into fashion and particularly way into shoes. However, the charm of one particular shoe-related trend has eluded me…until now. The bootie. I have to admit abject horror when I first began to see the abbreviated boot (or overly aggressive shoe, whichever you prefer) on celebreties and on the runway. They looked ridiculous to me, like the designers had run out of ideas, so they decided to start chopping off the boots at the ankles just to see if anyone would wear it. Wear it they did, and I’m finally slowly catching up with the bootie bandwagon. I credit the Mad Grammarian for her vision and for dragging me on bootie-oriented shopping trips.

The examples I’m presenting here are, of course, from the Mother Ship, because I do not bite the hand that gives me the money to buy shoes.

light suede bootie

I’m absolutely in love with this little Enzo Angiolini number on the left. I’m a sucker for asymmetry.gray peep toe bootie

I also love this saucy little peep toe number from Charles and David, which also comes in a lovely plumb color.

However – the bootie of all booties that has captured my heart is by Lovely People and can be yours (and will probably be mine) for a scandalous $140. I realize that’s not scandalous in many circles, but it is for me. But look how pretty! They also come in brown. In case any of my readers are feeling generous, I’m a size 8.

red ruffle bootie

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