Loving my babies


Last week I was in PHX to visit the family. Not the smartest move, a mid-July visit to the desert, I know, but as you’d imagine the tickets are pretty cheap this time of year and I grew up in it so it doesn’t bother me. The priority when I visit these days is my adorable babies. Chloe is now a mind-blowing 5 1/2 and will be starting kindergarten in August. Ian is 2 1/2 and is extremely verbal. He has a very cute lisp and says his r’s and l’s like w’s  – adorable.

When I first arrived, Ian dove for me and said “YOU’RE HOME!” which was pretty much the best thing ever. He was really into me, which was fun. There was really no adjustment period with either of them. They just latched on to me like they see me every day. It was a lot of fun. I spent some time individually with each of them and outfitted them with some fancy threads, of course, fed them ice cream, watched movies with them and did a lot of tickling and snuggling. They loved my iphone and perhaps called a couple of people while they were playing with it. If you were one of those folks, sorry about that.

The first night I put Ian to bed and he started pointing to me saying, “I wike your hair. I wike your ears. I wike your wegs. I wike my wegs.” So cute. I don’t know if I’ve ever said “I like my legs.” Ah, to be 2 1/2. He also pointed at every house we drove past and said, “I’ve never been in that house. I’ve never been in that house. I’ve never been in that house.” I offered to go knock on the door so he could remedy that. He was up for it, but I decided it wasn’t the best way to go. He also loves things that are small. He would point at everything tiny and say “It’s just my THITHE!” Good times.

Chloe and I were discussing her leap into kindergarten and the purchase of her school-required uniforms. She said that she’s excited but a little scared that she has to be there for 7 hours a day. She got skirts and jumpers for her uniforms, because “shorts and pants aren’t my thing.”

I’ll post some pictures of them soon. They’re getting so big!




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