A Farewell Weekend

I’m spending the holiday weekend up in Guerneville with a rotating crew of folks who are friends and friends of friends and I have to say, it’s one of the best in recent history. Everyone here is absolutely great – smart, funny, creative, interesting and generous. We’re sharing rooms, cooking together, laying by the pool, watching movies, working on craft projects, playing games and generally having a good time. Unfortunately the impetus for the weekend is that the friends here to whom I am closest are moving to Baltimore in July – a definite bummer. L is the momma of baby Gus and J, the daddy, got a teaching job @ the University of Maryland, so they’re off to a new chapter of their lives.

I met L through mutual friends and we clicked right away. She had my teaching job before me in San Lorenzo and then we both sang in those mutual friends’ wedding. We started hanging out shortly after that and when I was between jobs we became workout buddies for a while. L is a brilliant performer and I’ve had the privilege of attending some of her performances – amazing. During our workout time was when she and J were trying to get pregnant. It took a while but she always took it in stride and just believed it would happen, and it did. Now they have beautiful baby Gus and he was so worth the wait.

Two of the things about L that I admire and wish to emulate are her ability to be present and her natural inclination to see the best in people. I love those things about her and I feel so fortunate to have had this time to get to know her and learn from her.

Some friendships are short stories, some are beach reads and some are epic novels. I’ll always be connected to L in some way, even if it’s sporadic over the years. She and the fam are adding to the growing number of folks I need to visit on the east coast, so it’s always an excuse to travel. Congratulations and godspeed, L, J and Gus!

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