Secret Muslim, Barack Obama, hater of Jesus, ordered Georgetown University to cover up the Christian Fish popular on the bumpers of erratically-driving Christians in his first overt act of Islamic defiance. That’s right. Obama hates Jesus. According to conservative news outlet CNSNews*, Obama’s office asked for a neutral background and Georgetown obliged. Catholic University of America says they caved.  However, David Brody of the Christian News service says:

“Georgetown University is saying that The White House made the request to cover all symbols around the stage but it’s important to point out at there are dozens of religious symbols in Gaston Hall and those were not covered up.”

Here’s a shot of the stage:


Yep – no religious imagery there. Crisis averted. At least he didn’t mention anything religious in the actual spee…oh, wait. What? He quoted the Sermon on the Mount? Huh. Yeah, Total Jesus-hater.

Is this really where we’re going to expend our outrage-energy? Really? Because here’s where I’ve decided to put mine:

“Interrogation tactics such as waterboarding, sleep deprivation and slapping did not violate laws against torture when there was no intent to cause severe pain, according to a Bush-era memo on the tactics released Thursday.”

“Several of the techniques used by the CIA may involve a degree of physical pain, as we have previously noted, including facial and abdominal slaps, walling, stress positions and water dousing,” it said. “Nevertheless, none of these techniques would cause anything approaching severe physical pain.”

“Detainees subject to sleep deprivation who are also subject to nudity as a separate interrogation technique will at times be nude and wearing a diaper,” it said, noting that the diaper is “for sanitary and health purposes of the detainee; it is not used for the purpose of humiliating the detainee and it is not considered to be an interrogation technique.”

“On waterboarding, in which a person gets the sensation of drowning, the memo said, “although the waterboard constitutes a threat of imminent death, prolonged mental harm must nonetheless result” to violate the law.”

*Please note that CNSNews’ goal is to “fairly present all legitimate sides of a story and debunk popular, albeit incorrect, myths about cultural and policy issues.”

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