Whine and Cheese

I know I said I wouldn’t whine today, but I need to take a moment and vent. Yes, yes, I know. I’m very fortunate to say that many of my frustrations happened “at work,” which a lot of folks can’t say right now. I know that there are people starving in the former Yugoslavia. Totally get that. I just had a frustrating day and will now enumerate for you those events that I am free to post:

1. Totally left my purse at home. This means no wallet which means no MUNI pass which means no ID which means no money.  This last part becomes especially important later. Also forgot my protein shake for the afternoon.

2. I was bombarded by RIDICULOUSLY stupid questions. Ridiculous. Yes, there is such a thing as a stupid question despite what the hippies have told you. “How do I send something from one office to another? Do we have the means by which to do that? How does it work?” Really?

My favorite was:

Caller: I got this notice of change of address from you. It says the legal notices, defaults but not invoices go to SF, the invoices and statements go to NM and maintenance notices go to SB.

Me: That is correct.

Caller: Then where do the invoices go?


3. My lunch was rotten. Rotten. Stank and rotten. I had a salad from Trader Joe’s and did not even notice the use by date. It was loooong past. It smelled. So I had no lunch. This is where that wallet thing would have been handy. No money with which to buy lunch. I was starving.

4. Threw rotten stank lunch in trash and then breathed its fumes for a while. Noxious. I closed up the bag and everything. Didn’t help. It was nasty. Finally moved it to another person’s trash can when they left. Bwaaa haaa haaa.

5. Boss is gone for the week so I thought it would have been more quiet, as it usually is. Not so. For some reason, THIS time folks have heeded his out-of-office response and actually contacted me. Welcome back next week, Boss Man. Your calendar is now full. Enjoy.

This is not to say that the day was entirely awful:

1. I had a great conversation with someone in the area where I’d love to work and will be having a couple more similar conversations this week.

2. My cube-neighbor gave me a SpecialK bar so I wasn’t totally hungry.

3. I had a good workout at the gym.

4. I made an extra good dinner of friend chicken strips and sauteed spinach to make up for my lack of food all day.

5. We get a 40% discount at one of our brands for the next week (only at 2 specific locations, but whatever, I’m totally going to work it).

6. I booked my birthday spa appointments.

7. Tonight, Donna Martin returns to her home zip code.

Not wholly awful, but definitely had its moments. Looking forward to chillin this evening and starting over tomorrow.


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