Oh HELL no


I get that times are tough but when I see things like this, we move quickly from tough to defcon 5 in the fashion world. This horrifying display is brought to you by the impulse buy section next to the cash wrap at Walgreens. Under NO circumstance is the so-called “popcorn shirt” an appropriate choice. Ever. I don’t care if it is “heavier fabric,” or ridiculously inexpensive. You will not merely be handing over your hard-earned $10 but a piece of your soul as well.


3 thoughts on “Oh HELL no

  1. OH MY GOSH Tiffany!!!! That is the most hilarious thing I have EVER seen!!!! I do not want to part with my soul – or my money – so thank you for the public service announcement. If only everyone in the world could see this, then we’d all be spared the horror of seeing someone actually wear it. Because you know someone will . . .

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