Friday Five: Fork in the Road

From Singing Owl:

I am at a life-changing juncture. I do not know which way I will go, but I have been thinking about the times, people and events that changed my life (for good or ill) in significant ways. For today’s Friday Five, share with us five “fork-in-the-road” events, or persons, or choices. And how did life change after these forks in the road?

1. Not getting married at a young age.

I could have gotten married shortly after high school and I chose not to. I probably wouldn’t have had a bad life, in fact it would have been more “stable” than the life I have now. However it wouldn’t be the life I have now, which I love. Glad to be travelled, educated and have many friends.

2. Going to seminary

I love theological studies and I’m glad I went, even if it was with the Baptists. I had some great profs, met some great people and read some great stuff. I may be entering round 2 and so I’m looking forward to that as well.

3. Moving to California

I moved here almost 11 years ago with a summer singing gig and no other prospects beyond that. Within a 4 day period, I quit two jobs, moved out of my apartment and headed to the mountains. At the end of that summer I got a job in SF and have been here ever since.

4. Some college in Pennsylvania

I lived on the east coast for 3 semesters of college. I needed a change of scenery and during that period my family was able to go through some changes for which I needed to be out of the way.

5. Blogging

I started writing for the public a few years ago and through it I’ve connected with some great people and re-connected with some old friends. It’s good to have a place to vent and to be able to hear from people who either agree or disagree.


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