Friday Five – Taking A Break

Songbird writes:

Where we live, it’s February School Vacation Week! Yes, that’s an odd thing, a vacation extending President’s Day. But it’s part of our lives here. Some people go South or go skiing, but we always stay home and find more humble amusements. In that spirit, I offer this Taking a Break Friday Five. Tell us how you would spend:

1. a 15 minute break

On a 15 minute break I usually walk down the street or down the Embarcadero to the Ferry building.

2. an afternoon off

Afternoons off are great for catching movies or visiting museums. I also like to use them to run errands and buy groceries.

3. an unexpected free day

Unexpected free days are the best. Those are good for sleeping in and then slowly sipping coffee while watching some recorded TV. Other activities might include a walk in Golden Gate Park or on the beach, strolling through the de Young, a mani/pedi, and trying a new recipe – perfect day.

4. a week’s vacation

I am working on making my next week’s vacation a trip to Hawaii. I have a good friend from seminary who lives on a cliff in Hilo and is dying to take me to a volcano. It sounds dangerous but I’m sure it would be relaxing.

5. a sabbatical

A sabbatical would probably be a cooking tour of Italy/Spain/France. I’d love to travel around and take cooking classes and tour museums and cathedrals.


13 thoughts on “Friday Five – Taking A Break

  1. Fine ideas all, and the walk for #1 might be the best of all — or is that just because I’m longing for the time I can just take a walk without having to put boots and coat and hat and mittens on….

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