Birthday Love

In my world, December is filled with birthdays. I only have about 8 days out of the entire month without one and several days have multiple folks celebrating. Obviously spring had sprung for their parents and now here we all are buying as many birthday cards as Christmas cards. The great part about it is that I get to celebrate many of the wonderful folks who make up the circle of friends and family in which I am privileged to engage.

From online acquaintances to seminary friends to friends, from past to present, this birthdays this month remind me that the people that I am privileged to know and love are a gift of God to me and to the world.  Anni, Momi, Lisa, Vanessa, and, of course, The Boss are absolutely brilliant. They constantly encourage me, challenge me and support me.  Scott, Shawn & Josh are extended family that remind me of our rich spiritual heritage. Kathy, Robert, Brian, Kim, Beth, Chris and Amanda are friends from seminary. We are “foxhole friends” from that time and learned a lot from each other. Others like Kelly, Bob, Nick, Carol and Kathy are (relatively) newer friendships from whom I continue to learn and gain nourishment.

These folks are all blessings to me and are blessings in the contexts of their jobs, ministries, families and relationships. I am so grateful for the gift of these folks in my life and the celebration of their lives as incarnational blessings helps keep me focused on the birth of Christ during this season. Happy Birthday to all and thank you for the gift you are to this world.


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