Tales from MUNI – The Voracious Reader

So I get on MUNI last week, Wednesday, I believe. It’s the last day before the break, very excited. Dude gets on @ Carl & Cole. Seems normal. Clean cut, wearing a polo, jeans, tennis shoes. Curiously, however, he’s carrying a trade paperback and it’s missing its cover and the pages are shredded all around the edges so that there’s no margin left. This is curious, I think, but whatever. I notice that as he reads, he begins to tear little shreds off around the margins of the book. Nervous habit, I think. We all have them. Except that he then proceeds to EAT THEM. He started out trying to be subtle about it but by the time we got to the Civic Center Station, he was enjoying a hearty breakfast.

I saw him again this week. He had a glossy graphic novel, untouched by his apparent Pica. Never fear, however. Our hero did not go hungry that morning. How could he, when HE HAS A NOSE. Seriously.

2 thoughts on “Tales from MUNI – The Voracious Reader

  1. I am laughing so hard! I know a few people that eat pica, and I have my own nervous habits, so this was great to read about. I especially liked the part where he tried to hide it at first then was just going for it after a while. Can’t say life is boring.

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