Meh-ry Christmas

I’ve just not felt very Christmas this year. Before Thanksgiving I was chomping at the bit to listen to Christmas music and I even broke my own rule and busted it out a few days early. I’m still really enjoying my Christmas play list, primarily because I have excellent taste in music. Otherwise, I’m not feeling it. I have been buried at work, buried at church, not doing any of it well, and just freaking exhausted. I was going to do the RevGals Friday Five about Advent but I couldn’t really get into it. I’ve not even wanted a tree. This is not like me. I’ve never not had a tree.

Tonight in church for the first time I felt like I was getting into the whole Advent/Christmas thing. Part of it has to do with the productive weekend I’ve had, I think. Getting caught up on stuff always makes me feel less useless. It was also the singing of Silent Night in church. I love the piano we have in church and that along with the glow of the candles and the mirrored fabric canopy above made for a beautiful moment to stop and think about the season.

Our discussion this evening was peace and comfort. One of the things I noticed is that one can achieve inner peace, there can be peace on earth and there can be peace between people, but comfort comes when one is acted upon relationally. I suppose one can comfort oneself, but that generally devolves into self-medication. I think I started to feel the Christmas tonight because the gathering brought comfort to me, through the music, musicians, word and friends.

Tidings of Comfort and Joy.

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