Quotes from the visit

Chloe: Auntie Tiffy, your tummy looks like the bottom of a snowman. That’s because you’re kinda fat.

Chloe (regarding her preschool “boyfriend” Gage): We accidentally kissed each other during center time. But we’re not supposed to do that because we could give each other germs and friends don’t give each other germs.

Chloe (when I suggested that she give her picture from the museum to Gage): Let’s not talk about that while we’re at the museum

Chloe: Auntie Tiffy, look at the Christmas lights my daddy put up today. Aren’t they glorious?

Chloe (when I referred to something as “stupid” at lunch): Auntie Tiffy, that’s not a very nice word to say while we’re at the restaurant.

Ian (celebrating his anatomy): Two nips, two nips! TWO NIPS! (except he has a lisp, so it comes out TWO NIPTHS!)

A discussion of the cessation of thumb sucking:

Me: It’s ok to suck your thumb. I sucked my thumb and I didn’t quit until I was seven.

Chloe: I’m going to quit when I’m five. That’s two years before you.

Me: Yeah, well I have boobs.

Laughing @ Lunch


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