RevGals Mix-a-Lot Friday Five

Songbird writes:

In a minor domestic crisis, my food processor, or more precisely the part you use for almost everything for which I use a food processor, picked the eve of the festive season of the year to give up the ghost. A crack in the lid expanded such that a batch of squash soup had to be liberated via that column shaped thing that sticks up on top.

Can you tell this is not my area of strength?

Next week, I’m hosting Thanksgiving. I need your help. Please answer the following kitchen-related questions:

1) Do you have a food processor? Can you recommend it? Which is to say, do you actually use it?

Unfortunately, I do not. It makes no sense, what with the amount of cooking I do, but I’ve just never gotten one. I am, however, taking donations.

2) And if so, do you use the fancy things on it?
See above 😦

3) Do you use a standing mixer? Or one of the hand-held varieties?

I have both. I use the standing mixer for baking and the hand-held mostly for mashed potatoes or things I’m mixing in a larger capacity bowl.

4) How about a blender? Do you have one? Use it much?

I do have a blender, but rarely use it.

5) Finally, what old-fashioned, non-electric kitchen tool do you enjoy using the most?

I use whisks all the time for everything.

Bonus: Is there a kitchen appliance or utensil you ONLY use at Thanksgiving or some other holiday? If so, what is it?

Funny you should ask. At my house we have “The Fork.” It was my grandmother’s and I believe it possess the whole of her culinary acumen, which was considerable. For a while, my mother thought I just needed a big fork, but she didn’t understand that it’s not just A fork, but THE fork. It’s huge and it’s got notches in the side. It’s my holiday cooking talisman, although I actually use it as well. It makes everything taste just that much better.


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