I Like Winning – ish

I’m not going to lie – I’m a little competitive. I really like winning. I mean, I REALLY like winning. Winning rocks. Like when Dr. Phil asks, “Would you rather be right or would you rather be happy?” my answer is that being right IS what makes me happy. Sometimes, however, winning can be out of control.

This week at work, we had a Holiday Sing-Along event. We had the Glide Choir come and sing for the first half of the event and then the rest was teams of employees who re-wrote lyrics to popular Christmas songs to make them retail-themed. The event was held on Wednesday. On Monday, I got an e-mail from the assistant to the boss of our department basically telling me I was needed. Ok, fine. I’ll do it. I made her help me with re-writing the words of “The Christmas Song.” It wasn’t so much songwriting as it was a fifth grade language arts project.

The event was really fun. All the groups that performed did a great job. They were entertaining, creative and really quite funny. The bottom line is that I won. Best Overall Performance. The prize is $50 from our Foundation to donate to the charity of my choice which is great. I wish it would stop there. At some point, although I don’t know when, they’re going to podcast my performance on our internal web site. This is going to bring me back to when my mom used to wake me up on Sunday mornings with every TV in the house tuned in to my solo in the previous week’s church service. Have you ever been rudely awakened by yourself singing on TV? It is NOT ok. The other part of this is that I’m told that the video will be shown in the next Director’s and above meeting. However, I’m being told this by people who like to mess with me so I don’t totally believe it.

UPDATE: I donated to the Gemini Project in Kenya. They provide resources and education for grandmothers who are caring for young orphans in their villages.

Looks like the Directors & Above meeting thing was not a joke. That’s going to happen on 12/4. The worst thing though is that they are posting videos of ALL the performances on our internal website beginning on 12/1 and employees can vote for them and then one will be crowned Employee Favorite. Somewhat horrifying.


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