A Tale of Two Movies

Today we saw two movies. Chloe has been to a couple of kids movies now and Lisa, Mom and I really wanted to see Wall-E so we basically took Chloe as an excuse. I loved it and thought it was hilarious. It was a bit long for her and a little over her head as it was very non-verbal, but she still liked it and dubbed it “hilarious.” Then this evening Todd and I saw Wanted. I give it a “meh.” It had some pacing issues, we decided. Spent WAY too much time demonstrating how James McAvoy’s life sucked and then rushed the third act. The effects and music were good, though.

What I’d like to talk about here are my two experiences at the theater – very different. This morning we went to a 10 am showing of an animated kids movie. You go to those things expecting a certain amount of chaos and distraction. No problem. However, I do NOT have the same expectation going to see an action film at 8 pm.

Todd and I were sitting in the front row of the stadium section so we could put our feet on the railings. The theater wasn’t very full and there was an empty seat on his left and a couple sitting in the next two seats. They were chatting rather loudly through the previews and as the movie started, but I erroneously assumed that they would stop once the movie started. No no. They continued to talk in normal tones about things completely unrelated to the movie. At one point the dude was singing along with the music. YOU ARE NOT AT HOME IN YOUR LIVING ROOM, PEOPLE. I DID NOT PAY $9.75 TO LISTEN TO YOU TALK. A couple of times Todd glanced their direction and he sort of looked at me and rolled his eyes. Finally, when the movie got quiet and they continued their banter I could take it no more, and sat up, looked directly at them and said, “OH MY GOD – SHUT UP!!!” That seemed to do the trick as not a peep was heard from them for the rest of the movie. Todd said that he might have been more polite, but was happy enough with the results to let it go. He was weighing the man’s size vs. his obvious dim-wittedness and was considering yelling at him and then confusing him with a paradoxical statement so he could make an escape.


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