Semi-Final Farewells

I’m in Atlanta this weekend for the final Regional Renovare Conference. It’s been an historic weekend with tributes, story-telling and even some dancing. I have video of the whole team from the conference and from Renovare dancing to “Righteous, Peace, Joy in the Holy Ghost.” I’m going to save it for when I really need it.

As one person said, it’s the last event until the next event, which is in October, but it was the last Regional conference. It was such a great time of reminiscing and really spending time with folks, some of whom I know well, and some I didn’t. These folks are hilarious. Here are a couple of quotes:

L: You know those pillars in front of the church? They’re not real. They’re made of styrofoam. I leaned on one and almost knocked it over. I felt like Samson.

We were at Fat Matt’s sitting outside when a dude on a chopper came by and kept revving it – it was REALLY loud. Person from Britain says:

C: We know you’ve got a big MOTORBIKE! Move your issues!

C also refused to pick up the ribs with his hands – “too barbaric” he said. Then when the pecan pie arrived: “It’s as though you made a pastry and then sneezed into it.” But then he ate the better part of both pieces, so I think he liked it fine.


2 thoughts on “Semi-Final Farewells

  1. FAT MATTS IS THE BOMB! Is that not THE best bbq in the world?! I love that you went there. 🙂 Did you have some “bowled” peanuts?

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