Easter Highlights

Nice weekend overall. I finally regained the ability to walk today after that pilates reformer situation. Wow. I was hobbling about like an elderly woman for a while. Saturday and Sunday were absolutely beautiful – warm, sunny, gorgeous. This weekend has included some great times with friends, church, relaxation, and life maintenance – overall, a good one.

Here are some highlights:

  • The aforementioned weather
  • Giggling with baby Simona at church
  • Trader Joe’s with Kenny
  • The beach with AZ, KT, Ty & Kenny
  • The peppermint fudge brownies I made – yikes, they’re good.

2 thoughts on “Easter Highlights

  1. oh the brownies were SO good. so good I had dreams about them.

    not really.

    but I don’t remember my dreams…so maybe I *did* dream about them…? !

  2. Yummy brownies. Mmm. If you’re inclined to send the recipe over my way, I’m inclined to receive it!

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