Gone Sippin’

Well, kids, I’m writing to you now from the darling Eugene, OR, airport. I’ve finished a cup of seafood chowder and am preparing to board my connecting flight to Portland for the Convergence retreat. I’m excited to go b/c I’ll get to re-connect with women I’ve met and get to meet new friends who are on the ministry path in the post-modern world and will have an opportunity to learn from them. But let’s be serious. It’s at a winery with a spa. I’m having a hot stone massage on Sunday afternoon and that’s really what’s getting me through. The ministry stuff will be nice, of course. But there’s a spa. Did I mention?

I’m more excited than a person should be about such an excursion b/c most of the time if I travel anywhere it’s to PHX to see the family, whom I love. I feel like a grownup going on my own trip. This year is about travel and fun, as I’m going to the ATL in May and then I will go to PHX to see the babies over the 4th. I heart traveling. If you do to, you might want to check out the great deals at my travel website 🙂 I’m just saying…

This weekend, when you think about it, please breathe continual prayers for Dieter & Val Zander and their family. As one would expect with a health crisis of this magnitude, recovery comes in fits and starts, with moments of encouragement and panic. Please keep them in your thoughts. Thanks.


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