Is "behindedness" a word?

Well, it is now. I’m feeling completely overwhelmed by my own global behindedness. Here’s the deal: I have this. I don’t really like to talk about it, nor do I really need a “take care of yourself” speech. It’s fine, I live with it, but sometimes it makes me just have to lie down and I really don’t have a choice in the matter. Monday and Tuesday of this week, I had to lie down. I lost two days and all I accomplished was developing an addiction to Lost, which I’d never watched before, but now all three seasons are streaming on, so I got into it. All that to say, I’m behind.

I looked at the preaching calendar on Thursday – hi there. I’m preaching on February 10th. That’s in two weeks. I know, I know – I was at the meeting. But I knew I was preaching on the first Sunday of something, I just thought it was “March.” Turns out, it was “Lent.” Yikes. Next weekend is our worship team retreat, but fortunately, that’s a lot of conversation and not a lot of prep is necessary.

Work is crazy. Not bad, just a lot. The office move is next week and we’re all getting ready, but the work hasn’t stopped and so it’s non-stop. Losing two days of course doesn’t help.

My house also needs some serious attention. I have un-built Ikea furniture, paperwork that needs to be filed, a ballot to fill out, cleaning to do and episodes of Lost to watch. This weekend will be all about the recuperating, cleaning, nesting and organizing. I’ll be fine.


One thought on “Is "behindedness" a word?

  1. Too funny what we learn on people blogs. I have the Studio 60 DVD’s the next time you need a new addiction. There, no “take care of yourself” speech. But . . .

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