Fall TV Report Card, part 1

So far, I’m thorougly enjoying the beginning of the fall TV season. I’ve been anxiously awaiting both the new shows and the return of my favorites and so far, it’s been a good week. Here are my ratings and re-caps for the week so far.

1. Heroes

A-maz-ing! I love me some Heroes already, and the season 2 premier did not disappoint. As many questions cropped up as were answered. We’re beginning to discover the meaning of the ubiquious double helix-ish symbol from last season. What happened to Peter Petrelli and how can we get in to see his hair stylist? Why has Nathan checked out of his life? What happened with Matt’s marriage? What’s the deal with the white guy in 17th century Japan? It’s going to be a great season! A+

2. Chuck – a keeper!

New show that I wasn’t going to watch but was pressured into it by all of my favorite pop culture publications on the interwebs. The pre-show buzz was great, although the trailers didn’t thrill me. Surprisingly, I actually liked it. Chuck plays the supervisor of the Nerd Herd, the computer repair division of electronic superstore Buy More. Through a series of events, he has goverment secrets downloaded into his brain and is hunted by both NSA and CIA agents. He doesn’t know who he can trust, but at this point he’s picked the hot blonde. Big shock. I’m looking forward to seeing how this one turns out. B+

3. House

He’s back, baby! The biggest jerk in the medical field has returned. In one of the better moments of Tuesday’s premier, when asked by Dr. Cuddy where he’s come from, House quips, “Apes, if you believe the Democrats.” House is now without a team and is determined not to hire one, but through a series of unfortunate diagnoses, he grudgingly acquieses to Cuddy and Wilson and goes about hiring a team. Unfortunately, he was told he could do it however he wanted, so he has chosen a six-week-long, Survivor-type method where he has 30-s0me candidates and will be eliminating several per week. Should be fun! A

4. Private Practice

Meh. I’m underwhelmed. The boys are pretty and the characters are ok, but the premier was pretty much Grey’s Lite. It was the same type of stories you’d see on Grey’s, just not in a hospital. A patient of the psychiatrist had a psychotic break in a department store. A woman tried to get the sperm of her dead, married boyfriend in a nearby hospital, but not in their central medical clinic. A girl almost died giving birth in the super nice birthing center. It may be that Addison may have to take the chief up on his offer to keep her job open as long as he can. She may be winging her way back up to the Emerald City. C

Next time….Bionic Woman, Dirty Sexy Money, Grey’s Anatomy and Ugly Betty


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