Eureka…I have found it!

I have spent the majority of my 35 years looking for the right facial moisturizer. I have ginormous pores and extremely oily skin (thanks Dad). I’ve looked everywhere, tried many things, and have been content to live with the shine. Those days, however, are over. Enter the Gotu Kola Soothing Eye & Face Gel from Body Time.

Body Time is a local outfit based in Berkeley with shops in Marin, San Francisco and the East Bay. I was first introduced to them by my friend Lilyan who actually lives in L.A. who has a friend there who is into their stuff. Their most popular scent is called China Rain, and I used it for years, but have recently discovered one of the winners of an employee contest – Summer Sunset, so that is my scent du jour. But, back to the Gotu Kola.

I went in to the shop on Haight Street on Labor Day to get a re-fill on my Body Shampoo when I decided to check out the face stuff, I went with the Gotu, just to try, as it was recommended for my skin type. I have been pleasantly surprised all week as I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror to see a very nice matte finish. Seriously. Most of the time I’m all a-shine the moment I apply the makeup. No more. I’m now as dull on the outside as I am on the inside! Well done, Body Time!

And a note to one particular reader: I’m allowed to post stuff like this. I AM a girl.


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