Open to Suggestion

Hello My People!

I have decided to take what I am calling a “Hometown Vacation” (a la George Costanza) the first week of September. Thanks to the Labor Day holiday and our early dismissal here at the KK on Fridays, I get 9 days for the price of 4!

So – I need suggestions. I know I’m going to the beach, to some museums, Conservatory of Flowers, stuff I can’t do when I’m at work. Maybe the Monterey Bay Aquarium, etc. What else would you recommend in this great Bay Area of ours?


One thought on “Open to Suggestion

  1. First, what is the “KK?” Second, if you do go to the Aquarium, be sure to ouse our guest passes. Other suggestions: Alcatraz Night tour (In Italian if you are like L); do the cheesy duck tour or ghost tour; Vi Sattui Winery, Sacramento Sutter’s Fort and Old Town, and since you are saving hotel fees, eat our at a differnt ethnic food place every day. A Rachael Ray kind of thing!

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