On the Move

Life is change. We all know that. However, this seems to be a season of great upheaval – not in a bad way, just in a perpetual motion way.

Here’s all the moving that’s going on:

1. I’m moving on Sunday
2. My friends Kristen & Joshua are moving 2 weeks later
3. My pastor Bruce and his familiy are moving
4. One of my co-workers is moving at the end of July
5. The girl in the cube next to me is moving mid-July
6. 2 (TWO) of the attorneys in my dept. here got engaged over the weekend. Needless to say, I’m now bringing my own water. However, they’re both moving next month as well.
7. My mom just got a new job, but still with the state, so she moved offices.

The biggest thing in my world now is that my office is moving in September. They say September, but it will most likely be later in the fall. Khaki Khonglomerate (KK) is leasing our building to Massive Viral Video (MVV). We’re moving across the street to the other building that KK owns but the big bad news is that we’re losing our gym. I hope and pray that MVV will have pity on our pants-related plight and let us work out there still, but that is highly unlikely. I am trying to focus on the fact that we’re re-locating to save massive amounts of money and while I’m losing a gym, I’m keeping a job. There still is some grieving, however, as I love the place, love my yoga class, love the convenience of working out at lunch. Big picture: there are people starving in the former Yugoslavia. I’m ok.


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